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Full Life?


I was attending a funeral when I heard someone claim that the dead person in front of us was able to live a full life. The statement brought me into trance. For a few minutes, my mind wandered into the enigmatic world of confusion. How can we tell that someone lived a full life? How about me? Can I say that I am living towards the fullness of my life? Did someone live a full life because he/she held a high status or rank in the society? Or is it when you accumulated a great amount of wealth? Or maybe when you had an intact family? Or maybe when you are a successful entrepreneur? What about if you die poor and you were not successful in sending your children to school? How is the fullness of life being measured?

Months passed of reading and listening and praying. I cannot sleep without finding the right answer…at least according to my faith. You might think it’s bullshit for me to be seriously thinking about this but hey! I lived more than a quarter of my life and I do not want to spend my remaining years in vain.

The quest for the answer ended (for now, and I hope I will not be brought in trance again…) and I can pretty well summarize it in these words: you lived a full life if you’re brave enough to say “I’m ready, Lord!” not out of pain and suffering but out of divine certainty that you lived a life of purpose according to God’s holy will.

Yes, a life of purpose. A life that is lavishly shared to others. A life that is blessed with love from the people around us because we generously gave love as gift to others.

Being wealthy is not necessary but the wealth can work to our advantage if we share them with others.
Being wise is not compulsary but it will make us a better person if we were able to teach and inspire.
Being a person of high rank is not required but we will benefit more if we will use this to lead others toward personal growth and development.

It is only in this act of sharing that we can bravely say that we are ready to die…not because we are proud to say that we have something to brag about when we face God but because ironically, we will never die…because we will continuously live among the people whose hearts we touched and lives we inspired.

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Life lessons from Candy Crush Saga

Aside from coffee, I am claiming that I am addicted to Candy Crush Saga. This online game is very popular and if you’re not playing it, I believe you’ve heard about this from one of your friends or acquaintances.


According to Wikipedia: This game involves different levels, with many themes throughout the game. Each level in the game presents two objectives: firstly, the player must achieve a score that earns him at least one star; then there’s an extra objective from a variety of types, including clearing jelly, making “ingredients” (cherries and chestnuts) reach the bottom of the screen, performing indicated candy combinations, or destroying a certain amount of candy of a given color. Occasionally, levels are added to the game 15 at a time, which comprise an episode of the game.

Sounds boring but in reality, the game is very challenging.

While playing, I realized that this seemingly irritating yet extremely challenging game teaches me simple and complex lessons about life…oh yes, I can find treasures in things that people find crappy (as my partner told me a while ago, I should look for a sensible thing to do…)

Here is a list of my wild yet meaningful reflection:

1. Success in life is sweeter when we work hard for it. Oh yes! As the voice over would always say when we completed one level – – – “sugar crushed!”.

2. In the game, examine the whole board, look for the possible 5 or 4-candy combinations for they give us special candies with super powers. Deal with the 3-candy combinations after…. In life, we can choose our own battle. One battle at a time. Try solving the big urgent ones first. This will make the smaller battles easier to conquer.

3. Special candies have special powers but they will work ONLY when we combine them with other special candies. In life, we are all special, but we will be ordinary and useless if we don’t move and work our way out to share whatever we have.

4. Chocolates in the game are “villains”. In real life, chocolates are special, they’re sweet and they’re loved. The lesson? Other people can make us look really bad in their own world even though we are not.

Be yourself. Never believe other people. You are who you think you are. Don’t let other people’s perception of you be you.

5. The ordinary colored candies will be special only if we put them side by side with other candies like them. In real life, we need friends, we need allies.

If you are great, be with great people. If you are an optimist, never be with pessimists. Productivity is possible if the members of a group of great optimistic people support each other.

6. Combining special candies especially the wrapped one + the striped one will give us a huge score! In life, there are quick wins like this: we can win the lottery, get a high-paying job or close a great project. Money and connections can overflow at a particular point in our lives but hey, we are not yet done! There is an ultimate goal in the game.

In translation, we have a greater purpose in life; and we must be sure we fulfill that purpose before our chances ran out and lose our life.

7. Notice that in the game, if we fail, a button below appears saying: TRY AGAIN. With life, we are given opportunities to stand up if we fall and try to redeem ourselves. But of course, as with the game, we need to utilize those opportunities wisely.

8. In the game, we can see other people’s level of achievement. If we are down there, we can choose to do any of these: be envious enough to quit or be inspired enough to continue playing. Real life competition exists. Be strong enough to accept the fact that we cannot be all equal. As others would carelessly put it: Life is not fair.

Be in the game. Continue playing. If we quit, we will never experience the quality of life we are dreaming of.

Surprisingly, I can still think of more lessons while I play the addicting game. I can even deduce that a lot are addicted to the game not because they just want to play. I think, they can subliminally relate to the game. People want success. People want to show off that success. People want to help others. People do not want to lose. The list is endless…

I will continue playing the game. How about you?


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