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On Being a Mom…


I love being a mother! Whatever people may say. Wherever I may be. Whoever I may be.

Being a mother gives me a perspective that I will never ever see if I’m alone and single.

Being a mother makes me happy. Who wouldn’t be? I have a healthy, pretty and smart daughter who makes me smile and laugh every single day.

Being a mother is a humbling experience that keeps my feet on the ground. Imagine, I eat leftovers she cannot eat. I cook even though I don’t like, just so she’ll have a decent meal to eat. I do the laundry just to ensure she’ll have clean and spotless uniform for school. I clean the house because I want her to have an orderly and clean environment at home. I prevent myself from buying too expensive stuff because I want to set the money aside for her “wants”.

Being a mother reminds me to be kind to all because I want everybody to return the favor and treat her well. I fear that to be a human devil will bring her closer to all other evils that I might create.

Being a mother brings me closer to God and deepens my faith. I pray the rosary just to ensure that she’ll be protected every day.

Being a mother forces me to take care of myself. I cannot imagine my daughter suffering from emotional pain because her mom is sick and is dying too soon.

Being a mother encourages me to always do my best. I want her to look up to me and be proud of me.

Oh Motherhood! My greatest purpose, my destiny, my ME.

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Testimonial of an Unemployed Woman

It’s my coffee break…

Been up since 8am. I already did some cleaning, conquered a mountain-load of laundry, cooked lunch and watched a couple of shows in the local channel while doing the household chores.

My life changed when I resigned from work last July 2012. I never realized that the absence of corporate stress can make me feel better inside myself and can make my skin really clean and smooth!

Resigning from the monotonous and sometimes “evilish” corporate work is scary for most of us simply because it removes the financial stability that we get from being employed. There is also the risk of going out, meeting an accident then realizing we don’t have an insurance to pay for the bills. We also get to skip our SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig contributions, which will definitely lead to us feeling some insecurity for the future. But come to think of it…that’s it! And these issues can be solved even when you are not regularly employed.

My life outside the corporate world has been so amazing.

I get to sleep and wake up at the time that I like.

I get to fix the house according to how I want it.

I can talk and play with my daughter without worrying about deadlines.

I can cook and have a yummy decent meal without spending a fortune.

I can enjoy the sun, the wind, the rain and never have to worry about sweat ruining my makeup and dress, hair being out of control and the flood + heavy traffic a sudden rain might cause.

I can now do makeup.

I can now do consultancy.

I can now blog.

I can now love the mall and enjoy 3-day sale without worries about stock-outs.

I get to take care of my family even more.

What I can do, I can if I will choose to do it.

Don’t get me wrong, my life now is not easy. I also get broke. But I love living my life now. I can now do what I love to do and enjoy every single minute of my life without too much worries and boundaries.

…ah well…I’m just thinking out loud…here’s a sip of coffee to us!

Warning: Never do what I do if you don’t have a partner that’s crazy in love with you enough to support you. 🙂

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