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The Moment I Wake Up


Over coffee, I’m humming the song “Say a Little Prayer for You” from “My Best Friend’s Wedding” like a pirated cd repeating just the first few lines over and over my head…

The minute I wake up is most of the times the most bothering yet the most interesting time of my life.

It is when internal solitude could possibly be felt or deep dark emotions could possibly overcome sanity.

Coming from dreamworld could be very sulkening, or blissful, or dangerous. The first minute of my day is very critical on how I will live my life the entire day. Sometimes, I wake up, realizing I wanna die. Sometimes, I want to jump for joy and spread the happiness. Sometimes, I feel terrified and shocked that a hug will be required from my partner. And there are also times that I wake up feeling a holy intervention that I burst with praise and honor to my God.

How about you? Do you feel the same too? Or I am just the only one finding meaning in the first 60 seconds of my day?

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