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Full Life?


I was attending a funeral when I heard someone claim that the dead person in front of us was able to live a full life. The statement brought me into trance. For a few minutes, my mind wandered into the enigmatic world of confusion. How can we tell that someone lived a full life? How about me? Can I say that I am living towards the fullness of my life? Did someone live a full life because he/she held a high status or rank in the society? Or is it when you accumulated a great amount of wealth? Or maybe when you had an intact family? Or maybe when you are a successful entrepreneur? What about if you die poor and you were not successful in sending your children to school? How is the fullness of life being measured?

Months passed of reading and listening and praying. I cannot sleep without finding the right answer…at least according to my faith. You might think it’s bullshit for me to be seriously thinking about this but hey! I lived more than a quarter of my life and I do not want to spend my remaining years in vain.

The quest for the answer ended (for now, and I hope I will not be brought in trance again…) and I can pretty well summarize it in these words: you lived a full life if you’re brave enough to say “I’m ready, Lord!” not out of pain and suffering but out of divine certainty that you lived a life of purpose according to God’s holy will.

Yes, a life of purpose. A life that is lavishly shared to others. A life that is blessed with love from the people around us because we generously gave love as gift to others.

Being wealthy is not necessary but the wealth can work to our advantage if we share them with others.
Being wise is not compulsary but it will make us a better person if we were able to teach and inspire.
Being a person of high rank is not required but we will benefit more if we will use this to lead others toward personal growth and development.

It is only in this act of sharing that we can bravely say that we are ready to die…not because we are proud to say that we have something to brag about when we face God but because ironically, we will never die…because we will continuously live among the people whose hearts we touched and lives we inspired.

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On Being a Mom…


I love being a mother! Whatever people may say. Wherever I may be. Whoever I may be.

Being a mother gives me a perspective that I will never ever see if I’m alone and single.

Being a mother makes me happy. Who wouldn’t be? I have a healthy, pretty and smart daughter who makes me smile and laugh every single day.

Being a mother is a humbling experience that keeps my feet on the ground. Imagine, I eat leftovers she cannot eat. I cook even though I don’t like, just so she’ll have a decent meal to eat. I do the laundry just to ensure she’ll have clean and spotless uniform for school. I clean the house because I want her to have an orderly and clean environment at home. I prevent myself from buying too expensive stuff because I want to set the money aside for her “wants”.

Being a mother reminds me to be kind to all because I want everybody to return the favor and treat her well. I fear that to be a human devil will bring her closer to all other evils that I might create.

Being a mother brings me closer to God and deepens my faith. I pray the rosary just to ensure that she’ll be protected every day.

Being a mother forces me to take care of myself. I cannot imagine my daughter suffering from emotional pain because her mom is sick and is dying too soon.

Being a mother encourages me to always do my best. I want her to look up to me and be proud of me.

Oh Motherhood! My greatest purpose, my destiny, my ME.

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A Nomad’s Journey

Silence is a part of the journey.  It’s an opportunity to genuinely see the things around you. It’s an opportunity to understand your existence and your link to anything and everything.

I did not blog for a while.

I decided to stop talking.

I decided to start listening.

Life-changing moments happened.

Death profoundly defined living.

Commitment and patience questioned love.

Love debated need.

Guilt summoned pleasure.

More questions left unanswered.

For a nomad at travel, it is triumphant to keep walking; with eyes and heart still open; with faith still burning; with optimism still in place.

These may not answer all the questions along the way but we need them to sustain the journey; to continue wandering until we find truth; until we find meaning; until we reach our destiny.

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Honorable Are We?

Honorable means having the ability to LOVE and SERVE. It is not because of the riches, success, position, status or connections; it is when you are able to love others and share what you have with others that make you honorable.

I was deeply touched by today’s homily. Helping, caring and loving others have been a part of my to-do-things-before-I-die list. Not because I want to be declared as holy or noble or be loved and admired but because I have been receiving so much love that I have so much love to give.

The word “honorable” struck me…I remember this word as the twin of Mayor, Administrator, Governor, priest…I grew up associating “honorable” with high profile people holding position in the state, institutions and church. I can also remember “dreaming” attaching honorable to my name (sheepish grin here).

Now honorable for me has a new meaning. Every time I will hear or see this word attached to somebody’s name, I will definitely ask myself first if he/she has loved and served others to be worthy of the title. Yes, my standards have leveled up!

As for me, I still have to love more and share more, not to have the word honorable attached to my name but to be always worthy of abundant love from the people around me.


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