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On Being a Mom…


I love being a mother! Whatever people may say. Wherever I may be. Whoever I may be.

Being a mother gives me a perspective that I will never ever see if I’m alone and single.

Being a mother makes me happy. Who wouldn’t be? I have a healthy, pretty and smart daughter who makes me smile and laugh every single day.

Being a mother is a humbling experience that keeps my feet on the ground. Imagine, I eat leftovers she cannot eat. I cook even though I don’t like, just so she’ll have a decent meal to eat. I do the laundry just to ensure she’ll have clean and spotless uniform for school. I clean the house because I want her to have an orderly and clean environment at home. I prevent myself from buying too expensive stuff because I want to set the money aside for her “wants”.

Being a mother reminds me to be kind to all because I want everybody to return the favor and treat her well. I fear that to be a human devil will bring her closer to all other evils that I might create.

Being a mother brings me closer to God and deepens my faith. I pray the rosary just to ensure that she’ll be protected every day.

Being a mother forces me to take care of myself. I cannot imagine my daughter suffering from emotional pain because her mom is sick and is dying too soon.

Being a mother encourages me to always do my best. I want her to look up to me and be proud of me.

Oh Motherhood! My greatest purpose, my destiny, my ME.

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