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Work and Life…Unbalanced.

I used to be the darling of the crowd…


My childhood taught me one great thing: do what is best in the right way and you will be abundantly rewarded. Of course, I did not live in a perfect environment. Bullies and “human animals” existed but I saw how unloved they were. I love the feeling of being given attention and being recognized so I followed every rule and did my best in my character-formation years. I became everyone’s favorite. I was the model of a perfect child: kind, obedient, responsible, loving, happy, contented, honor student, talented, respectful…i had it made!


Favorite no more…


After college, life presented to me a different environment. It was late for me to realize that there exists another world that can be VERY unfair. It is a harsh reality that any one must learn early in their lives most especially if they want to survive in the “most-of-the-time-hellish” corporate world.

I never knew that there are real villains in work life.

I never knew that being kind and humble can bring me too much trouble.

I never knew that titles and money can distort human character.

I did my best. I was kind. I was conforming to what is right. But I was persecuted. I was not the favorite anymore. I learned that being at my best can sometimes be threatening to my life. That being kind can mean I am weak. That being right can be wrong.

And I wasn’t prepared for those screwed up truths.

I experienced unfair judgment, unfair favoritism, unfair treatment.

Never did I realize that I can be judged based on family and school background; that I can be defeated in a battle even without a fight just because I don’t drive a car or I don’t patronize luxury brands.


So now what?


I might have learned the painful way but I learned my lesson well. Work life can be very unfair but I can always choose to be happy and still do great things, whatever other people might say.

You can conclude that I was unlucky or it was my fault to be painfully taught through harsh realities but I learned more than I was hurt; so I guess I am blessed. Fortunately, the pains made me stronger to pursue rightful non-conformity (which is another topic and is worthy of another blog post, I think…).

The hell with bad bosses and “animalistic” colleagues. They both belong to the office and not in my life.

Because in my world and in my life, I believe that great character is more important than professional status, fame and money and that love and concern for others are as vital as clean air and water.

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